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About Us

For the love of music

We are a not-for-profit record label dedicated to becoming a platform for artists from the golden era of eurodance music. 

Melodic songs, uptempo beats and great vocals are what make a great eurodance song. We don't intend to remake the sound of then, but rather implement its core principle into the sound of today. Get ready for some great music!


Our Story

We are Annerley Gordon, Mark Hoogkamer and Edwin Horeweg. Besides best friends we are also the team behind Eurodance Vibes, accompanied by tons of talented singers, writers, producers, remixers, video creators and many more...

Our vision for Eurodance Vibes started during the pandemic, when everyone was locked inside their homes and (re)discovered happy, melodic music to give their minds a break from the outside world. We started rounding up dance music artists from the 90s to sing live music during streamings, and it was a big success! Little more than a year later we started planning other ways to bring good music to the world.

Our focus is mainly on the 90s eurodance sound, simply because we grew up with it and know so many talented artists from the era. Through our releases we hope to channel the positive vibes of those days, and relaunch the stars that were once known all over the world.

Let the music play!

Meet The Team

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